We are a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultancy with a focus on identity development, empowerment, and building strong communities.


That all children, youth, mentors, and community members have accurate knowledge of themselves and their roots; and use that knowledge to build strong, equitable, inclusive, and diverse communities of practice. We believe that strong roots build strong communities.


To provide children, youth, mentors, and community members opportunities to grow their knowledge of self, knowledge of historical and contemporary inequities, and acquire the tools, skills, and strategies necessary for building more equitable and inclusive communities one root at a time.

​​OUR APPROACH – Here Is the Truth

Knowing ourselves and digging up our roots, is the first step in building strong diverse, inclusive, and equitable communities of practice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and practices only work when all parties fully invest, trust the process, and do their inner work first. We cannot expect our community to fully value its diversity, solve inequities and truly be inclusive if we are not willing to look at our own strengths, weaknesses, and the roots of bias and privilege which we all have.

From this groundwork comes the knowledge needed to build strong, resilient, multicultural, multiracial teams, organizations, and communities – the sturdy trunk. It is there where we branch out to include others, always working towards the establishment of a just society. Roots, trunk, branches.

By seeking authentic relationships through conversations, consultations, circles, classes, and conferences, we learn the history of injustice in this country, how injustice is maintained through individuals, culture, and institutions, and the strategies, skills, and tools to disrupt this. To educate, empower and uplift individuals and communities, one root at a time. Diversity, equity & inclusion work is more than a few pieces of training that come with a checklist of superficial inequities to be swapped out; it’s deeply rooted in our identities and relationships with one another. Strong relationships with strong roots build strong communities.

We can’t wait to dig up your roots with you!


“When we unlearn the lies we were told or taught about ourselves and each other, the truth we discover can be applied and acted upon with authenticity, confidence, and courage. That’s why we start with the root of us.” -Fernell Miller, Founder – The Root of Us