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Board of Governors

Lizzie L. Martinez Alvarez

Lizzie L. Martinez Alvarez, EMPA15

Acting President
Chief Executive Officer

There is a strong and monotonic relationship between financial scores and parents’ education. I was born in poverty and my parents did not discuss finance or money at the dinner table. Throughout my early childhood, I yearned to know, “Who was Peter and Paul?” I believe financial education is the key to success. We must now unlearn what we have learned, globally connect, and transform to modern financial literacy concepts.

Julie Chan

Julie  Chan

Chief Financial Officer

Financial literacy is foundational for personal and community economic well-being. I am pleased to partner with Financial Services Coalition – Puget Sound to promote financial literacy for all, and particularly for those previously under served communities.

Sravani Shivkumar

Executive Vice President

To whom much is given, much is expected” is something that has always resonated with me. We live in a world where financial literacy is a basic skill for everyone yet a lot of people are unaware of it. FS-PS org provides financial literacy to underserved communities and I am happy to be a part of its mission.


Valerie Read

Executive Board Secretary

I believe it’s my responsibility to help the youth within our community be successful in their financial careers through technical, educational, and assistance offered by the FSC-PS Charitable Foundation. As a mentor, I will help youth learn about scholarships to pay for their college education. I look forward to assisting the youth with applications for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities with FSC-PS Charitable supporters.
Azade Tekin

Azade Tekin

Social Media Marketing & Communications Manager

As FSC-PS we are dedicated to make youth financial literacy more accessible to teens of all backgrounds, especially underserved communities. I am happy to be part of this diverse community and have a goal to create an impact for more financially independent generations.

Bilal Abdallah

Program Director

I am interested in making a difference in the community. By doing so, I will not only be fulfilling my career but also willing to help others achieve their goals as well. Committed to Social Justice!

The true definition of social justice can only be defined by those individuals who do the work, not the management team nor the policymakers! Throughout my career as Social Advocator, the definition that I came up with for Social Justice is: “Investing one’s time, energy, and emotion in a cause and/or movement for the betterment of the community.” Therefore, I want to THANK ALL the social workers out there for your hard-working, trying to help all those families who need your support. I know a lot of people who grew up in foster care or had to deal with social workers all the time in their lives, but I know you are there to help.

Corporate Advisory