The Hair Academy

About us

The Hair Academy is a new innovative and unique non-profit career training institute that specializes in short-term education in the field of cosmetology.

Our Purpose

It is our personal effort to share in the social responsibility in helping to improve the lives of many disadvantaged individuals through education and skill building.

The goal of THA is to empower our students to be self-sufficient by transforming their lives through real skills. The focal point is to help improve their quality of life with the center of attention being in the areas of education and job-training.

Education makes one’s life better.

We aspire to partner with others with a shared vision in helping to eradicate poverty while building self-esteem and self-worth through learning and can only achieve our goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of our community.
We ask you to consider a monetary donation to the start of The Hair Academy project.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Hair Academy is to endow our students with a thorough understanding of the art and science of cosmetology while providing an exceptional training environment that promotes learning. The need of today is an art-styled ambiance where the student stylist of the now and next generation, study in a diverse culture, and co-op styled education.

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