Integration Family Services

Integration Family Services (IFS) was founded in July 2020 as a culminating product of grassroots organizing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by Somali childcare providers, parents, and families. IFS leads a community-based network of health, housing, social services, education, and employment resources and offers culturally-specific capacity-building services to childcare providers in King County. As a trusted hub for connection and support for families and providers in historically underserved immigrant and refugee communities, IFS offers a holistic menu of culturally relevant and language-specific programs:

  1. Resource navigation and access to social, economic, business, and professional development programs and services.
  2. Employment and career advancement support and resources.
  3. Education and widely shared information that accurately amplifies community needs.
  4. Early learning services and enrichment programs for children and youth aged 0 to 18.
  5. Professional education programs and events for Childcare Providersj.
  6. Advocacy skills development for a coalition of families, community members, and social justice leaders to ensure their inclusion in, and influence on, systems and policy change processes.
  7. Stakeholders’ platforms that will elevate their voices and empower them to advocate for equal opportunities in the Greater Seattle-King County Metropolitan area of Puget Sound in WA State.