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The Financial Services Coalition – Puget Sound (FSC-PS) Charitable Foundation was established in February 2008 to support the education and community activities of the Urban Financial Services Coalition – Puget Sound (UFSC-PS) Chapter as the primary source of scholarship funds and community grants for the organization with the objective of encouraging and assisting minorities in entering and advancing their careers in the financial services industry. The FSC-PS Charitable Foundation is a 501 (C) 3 corporation and an independent body of the UFSC-PS Chapter. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide programs through UFSC-PS Chapter and other venues to reach out to the general community in the areas of; (1) Financial Service Education programs to promote personal development including financial literacy, credit counseling, technical assistance, first time home-buyers, home maintenance counseling, and financial planning; (2) Financial Assistance programs that serve low to moderate income (LMI) individuals, that promote community services and economic development, and/or that support stabilization/revitalization activities within local minority communities; and (3) Financing, Capital Education and Technical Assistance programs to help minority small business owners and entrepreneurs initiate, enhance and expand minority ownership, capital formation and market opportunities.